Music DRUMdamentals 2

8 sessions, This class is the follow-up class to Music DRUMdamentals that gets more detailed in its continuation of music concepts through percussion, singing, movement and studio recording!

SUMMER 201 Music DRUMdamentals 2 is on 

Designed for kids ages 6-10, $150, per student.

ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE DRUMdamentals (1) course as a prerequisite for this class. This series is a continuation of Music DRUMdamentals.                                         

Children will discover the elements of music in a fun, engaging and hands-on class focused on music knowledge, group play, song learning, composition, and recording. Music DRUMdamentals does this through the use of percussion instruments and singing while introducing music notation concepts in games /activities.

No make-ups or credits for missed classes.

Held every ) 

There may be a finale performance for this class, details TBA.

All classes will be held at The Jim Howell Music Studio. (No make-ups or credits are given for missed class(es). An outline of class activities is handed out each session. In the event of a missed class this outline can be emailed to you.)

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