How do I register my child(ren)?

Visit this online enrollment page to register and check out securely with a VISA/MC.

What kind of experience do they need on their primary instrument?

It is recommend that campers have at least six months prior experience on their primary instrument. Having had months of private lessons and hours of practice will help them achieve the playing goals they will set for themselves at camp. If a child with no experience would like to join the camp it is recommended that they register as a singer and be willing to try to sing and play simple percussion parts. On stage performance is a major part of the camp experience so they should be willing and able to participate in that aspect of the camp.

Will my child learn to play an instrument at the camp?

While it is suggested that campers already have experience on their instrument, kids will be immersed in music knowledge and group performance all day long. They will be able to experience the full understanding of music study while at camp. It is likely that they will not only understand music to a fuller extent but will sharpen their instrument playing skills in the meantime.  They will also have a better appreciation of what they have worked toward in practicing their instruments over the years. It is likely that campers will renew their desire to achieve and practice their chosen instrument(s) by attending Born To Rock. All campers will participate in a singing based class each day. Singing is a crucial part of understanding music and being able to digest and express musical ideas. Camper will be encouraged to try other instruments at times as well. Most professional musicians have a basic aptitude on several instruments while being an expert in one.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

A sack lunch and a few healthy snacks, refillable and closable water bottle, sunscreen, 3 ring binder with paper and pockets, pencil, foam earplugs, and musical instrument needs (see next question.)

Do they need their own instrument?

Guitarist or Bassists: Please bring your own functioning instrument (guitar or bass in a case or gig bag), an instrument cable (20’), picks, a tuner, any other thing you think you must have on a daily basis to play. NO AMPS! There will be amplifiers available to use at camp. If you play acoustic guitar only, please be sure it can be electrified and you have a cable.  If your acoustic does not have a pick-up you may consider getting a temporary electric pick-up.

Singers: Bring yourself we have microphones and a PA.

Drummers: A stick bag with at least two pairs of drumsticks, brushes and/or multi-rods, soft felt mallets. Drum sets and percussion equipment will be provided for use at camp.

Piano/Keys: will be provided at camp.

All instruments: Each camper must take home anything brought to camp at the end of each day. Please label all items you bring with your name, permanent marker is best. Born To Rock will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. You are in charge of keeping track of your belongings.

What about lunch?

Campers must bring lunch each day. A sack lunch or insulated bag is suggested. Refrigerator space and use of microwave will be available but limited. Refillable water bottles are a must.  (Please keep sugary items, sodas etc to a minimum.) Students will not be allowed to eat while a class or group session is in progress. There will be a morning break and ample lunch recess and an early afternoon break.  Please add a few healthy snacks to the lunch for breaks such as fresh fruit, granola bars etc.  High sugar content and energy drinks are not conducive to the concentration needed to learn and perform music in a focused manner.  

Will there be a sign in/sign out process at camp each day?

Yes. Please allow for a few minutes for dropping off and picking up, especially upon day one of each camp week. There will be a sign in/out table and photo ID will be required. Parents are asked to fill out information regarding this on the initial registration and on the before/after camp registration forms.  You can always make a change when at camp by letting us know.   

What happens if I am late picking up at 5:30pm?

We ask that you not be late to pick up your child. All of the staff involved in Born To Rock have other commitments after camp has concluded.  If parents are late we will charge a late fee of $10 per minute. Being late will infringe upon private lesson students in the afternoon as well as the families of the instructors. Also, please note that being on time means having your child signed out by 5:30 not pulling into the parking lot at that time. Thank you!

What if they have a midday dentist apt?

There is no requirement to be at every part of camp but no make-up times will be granted. 

What if my child is sick?

There is no requirement to be at every part of camp but no make-up times will be granted. However, we really do not want a child with a fever or any contagious condition present at camp. Please be considerate of others and let us know that they will be staying home.

What if we will be out of town for one of the days?

There is no requirement to be at every part of camp but no make-up times will be granted. However, Fridays of each camp week are the finale and concert performance. This showcase is a build up that is worked upon all week and the basis for the entire week’s work at camp. If your vacation plans involve a Friday, we suggest you look at registering for a different week at Born To Rock.  There are three available weeks of camp in June.

Who is teaching?

Born To Rock is staffed with working professional musicians and music educators. All instructors have either university degrees in music, substantial professional background in music performance, experience in music education or all of the above! There are also interns and assistants who are high school graduates and study music at the university level and/or have substantial musical background. Everyone involved is under the supervision and direction of Jim Howell.

How many kids will be there?

Born To Rock offers fifty to seventy five kids to have the camp experience at once in each session week.  However all classes and camp activities will have a 12:1 ration of student/camper to instructor.

Are there any options for before or after camp times?

Born To Rock offers Early Drop every day starting at 7:30.  Late pick up is available until 5:30 Monday through Thursday.  All campers must check out Fridays by 3pm. Please choose the before or after camp options in the registration form and you will be taken to another form to register for before and/or after camp.  You may also add it on demand at camp and pay with a VISA/MC. Or you can prepay separately by going to the extended camp registration form directly.

How many teachers will be there?

Staffing will be based upon enrollment to maintain a 12:1 camper to instructor ratio or better.

Why is my question not listed here?

While we have tried to think of lots of common queries, we encourage you to email any additional questions to Jim:

Jim Howell's email